The Core Group

Aimee Birnbaum "Magic Forest,Pagan Sun"

Magic Forest, Pagan Sun

Angela Brookes High Pine lV  Unique Drypoint & Monoprint 20x20cms £170

High Pine IV

Barbara Jackson The Challenge, Etching £175 image Size 17.5x24.5 cms.
Theresa Pateman "Winter Tree" Drypoint & Aquatint £150

The Challenge

Winter Tree


Angela Brookes, High Copse, Winter Unique Drypoint & Monoprint 20x20cms £170 Winter Uniqu

High Copse, Winter

Barbara Jackson "We went to the Theatre" Etching £175 Image Size 14x18cms.
Theresa Pateman "There, there" Etching £100 15x11.5cms

We went to the theatre


Barbara Jackson

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